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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

2:30 pm - The road to Isabella is not without its bumps

Isabella is delaying the game a bit-- but she's doing OK, which is the important part. The epidural led to a reduction in Angi's blood pressure, which is normal, but it took Nurse Kay out of her comfort zone because it went a bit too low. Then Isabella reacted to that and her heartbeat jumped up. So while the nurses scrambled to contact the doctor and fax her the printouts, Kay turned off the pitocin. It was off about a half hour until the doctor called to say it could be turned back on, but during which the contractions slowed down.

So, we're back on the road to birthing after a Bella detour-- but once again, the important part is that she's doing fine.

3:35 pm - update for the update

I wrote the above but never got online to post it. Now it's 3:35, and here's the latest... Angi's been holding on like trouper, falling in and out of sleep. In the past hour, Angi's blood pressure became stable, Isabella's pulse normalized, and the pitocin is back to doing its thing. But it's slow going. I am no longer fully confident we'll have a baby yet today! But Molly the Doula tells us that this is the hump of dilation to get through, and it will be easier and probably quicker soon.

So, is that the news you've been hoping for? Gosh darn it, no! Everybody wants a baby! And we'll be in touch when it happens.



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