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Saturday, September 03, 2005

#7 - Update @ 5:00 PM

Our little Isabella Bellaboo Bellaballuba booboo doll came to see Mommy and Daddy today, and we sure enjoyed that. She got the broadest of smiles when she spotted Mommy, and she even smiled a lot at Daddy (I am sort of chopped liver compared to the "Dairy Queen" treats Mommy provides, and I am OK with that). I caught her just staring at me later, so I know she likes me, or thinks I'm quite an odd bunny. Isabella has been well taken-care of by Marcia and John (Granny & Papa). They are also taking care of our 'doggers' Hannah and Mud, who no doubt are wondering what's going on.

Angi was still in pretty rough shape this morning, but as the day has gone on, she's brightening up. The surgeon came in (when I had snuck out for a bite of lunch, so I missed her). She said basically the same stuff as we already knew, though we found out they have sent the tissue sample out for a biopsy on the very very slim chance there is something else wrong. Angi is still have 'ripping' pains in her abdomen from time to time, so it is likely she'll be here until Tuesday. Another doctor came in a little while ago to see if we had any questions about diverticulitis, etc. Angi will have to take it easy for a few weeks and eat a little more fiber, and fewer things with small seeds.

Anyway, Granny and Papa are bringing Isabella back for a visit this evening. I am going to try to sneak home and get a shower before then. We are thankful for the thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes. The hard part is over, now the waiting for Angi to feel better. She is only able to walk a few feet without feeling sick, so that's something that needs to be overcome in the next few days.

More later---


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