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Friday, September 02, 2005

#4 - Colons & Semi-colons

It's now after 8:15. It's been over an hour since the doctor left, and I am getting a little restless. I have been sitting here mostly researching perforated colons, diverticulitis, peritonitis, etc. Although the surgeon has assured me that this is fixed, and there was no spillage of toxins into Angi's body, I am--of course-- skeptical and somewhat concerned this might happen again, so I want to know what to look out for.

I will post again later when I get to see Angi. If you get bored waiting for updates, look at photos of our dear daughter Isabella! Click for Isabella's galleries

Update @ 8:30 pm: I found some info on diverticulitis, which is basically inflamed pouches on the colon which can cause pain and also get perforated. I am not sure if this is what Angi had, but take a look at this link.


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