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Friday, September 02, 2005

#3 - NOT the appendix...

The surgeon came out about 7:00 - Dr. Ogren. It seems Angi's appendix was OK, but there was a lot of inflamation around it caused by a perforated colon!

Ouch! She said they don't know how it happened, but there was a hole in her colon. She could see right into it. But it was somehow contained, so it didn't make her really sick. Dr. Ogren took out a chunk of the colon and the appendix and sewed it back up. She said she should never miss it, everything should be fine, except she'll be pretty sore for a while.

And, she'll be in the hospital at least a few days. Maybe until Tuesday-- depends how she heals.

I should get to see her shortly. I will post more later.



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